Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Mobcrush Streaming Community Guidelines! This is where you’ll find the simple-but-important guide to follow when using Mobcrush Streaming.

Help us keep Mobcrush Streaming awesome by following these guidelines and encouraging others to do the same, or, by using the report function in Mobcrush Streaming. Thanks for being part of building a great community!

As a reminder, you are able to mute or block any user on Mobcrush Streaming by tapping on their name and selecting the appropriate option. In addition, channel owners can also mute or ban users from in a channel. All users can also report any user or stream.

To keep the community healthy and safe for everyone, breaking community guidelines is taken very seriously and may result in immediate stream takedowns, removal of previous broadcasts, account suspension or account removal.

Keep crushing it <3 and if you have questions let us know at


We encourage everyone to be kind, respectful, and treat others how you’d like to be treated. If your best judgement tells you that something might not be OK to do or say, it probably isn’t!

Explore below for specific details on a number of topics:

Stream content:

  • Here at Mobcrush Streaming we’re all about mobile games. Either straight from your phone or using one of our desktop apps, we want you to stream your favorite mobile titles. If you want to use another application to broadcast mobile games on Mobcrush Streaming, such as OBS, Xsplit or Elgato, please click here and follow the instructions.
    • Although it is possible to stream desktop / PC games, streaming mobile games is highly encouraged. Mobile gaming content and creators are prioritized on Mobcrush Streaming.
  • Streams of other content, including vlogging or lifestreaming, or just hanging out, are awesome - feel free to be yourself and share your whole mobile gaming life.
    • Interactivity is important, idle streams or streams where creators don’t interact with viewers on Mobcrush Streaming may be considered spam and may be removed
  • Make sure to play fair, especially in competition. Respect the Terms of Service of every game you play on Mobcrush Streaming. That means no cheating, exploiting, use of hacks, or other tampering of a game or stream in such a way to gain an unfair advantage.

Mature tag

  • Enable the Mature Tag in your broadcast if you plan to play games with mature content, language or themes. Use your best judgement, if you don’t think it fits the Mobcrush Streaming community & audience, don’t stream it.
  • You should also enable the Mature Tag on your broadcast if you plan to use language not appropriate for minors
  • NSFW content is never allowed and streams with inappropriate thumbnails will be removed

Spam, scams and other malicious content

  • Spam isn’t allowed on Mobcrush Streaming. This includes excessive messages in chat, streams that are irrelevant or inappropriate, or any other activity that’s intended to annoy or harass others. Don’t do it!
  • Content intended to confuse or harm other people is also not allowed, including scamming, phishing, doxxing (revealing someone else’s personal information), and spreading misinformation.

Targeted harassment, threats, hate speech, and violence against others

  • Harassment, threats, hate speech and violence against other groups or individuals is not allowed.
  • This includes usernames that are vulgar, offensive, crude, or inappropriate. We monitor all new account usernames and will immediately ban accounts in violation.


  • Creation of an account used to impersonate a game developer, publisher, Mobcrush Streaming Partner, or Mobcrush Streaming developer is prohibited. Just be yourself!
  • Look for verified tags next to usernames to ensure you know who you’re talking to and report suspicious or confusion impersonators

Illegal activity on stream

  • Don’t break the law; it’s not allowed off stream and it’s not allowed on stream either. You must follow all local, national, and international laws while using Mobcrush Streaming.

Self-destructive behavior

  • It’s OK to have a drink or two and relax while broadcasting a game (if you’re old enough to do so!), but drinking excessively or engaging in any behavior that can be self-destructive is prohibited. This also includes use of illegal drugs, suicidal threats, threats of self-harm, and actual self-harm.

Nudity, pornography and sexually explicit content

  • Nudity, pornography and sexually explicit content is not permitted on Mobcrush Streaming in any form, including in profile pictures or streaming content. We continuously monitor all streams and new account profile pictures and will immediately ban any account that posts any inappropriate content.

Unauthorized rebroadcasts and copyright violations

  • Mobcrush Streaming is designed for broadcasting your own original mobile gaming content and gameplay; other content is not permitted.
  • Streaming of copyrighted content is prohibited on Mobcrush Streaming. Copyrighted content includes, but is not limited to: other people’s streams, YouTube videos, Vine/Instagram videos, movies, television shows, content from video platforms like Netflix or Hulu, music videos, music performances of copyrighted works, and streaming music

Ban Evasion

  • If your account has been banned, we will continue to ban or limit use of future accounts that break community guidelines.

Streaming games that are in closed alpha/beta or are otherwise embargoed

  • Please respect all game publisher and developer guidelines, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and release dates. Streaming a game without prior approval from the developer, or before its release could subject you to stream takedown and further action taken on your account. Plus, it’ll hurt your relationship with the developer; it’s always better to double check before you stream.